Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back Pain Relief Exercise : Ease Through Exercise

When an individual is experiencing back pain they want to obtain relief from that back pain as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that the lower back area is the location of muscles. These muscles are instrumental in supporting the upper torso of the body and facilitating the various movements that the upper portion of the body performs.

Therefore, if the back is tender and sore due to muscle pain it is important to know how to obtain back pain relief. Specifically, two of those methods are through back pain medication and performing back pain relief exercises.

Basics Of Back Pain Relief Exercises?

Back pain relief exercises are specific exercises that are designed to focus on the muscles, ligaments and tendons that are located in the back. Sometimes the exercises are performed by a physical therapist, but more often than not they are the type of exercises that can be easily performed at home and require little or no exercise equipment.

When performing these exercises, it is important that they are performed properly. This will ensure that no additional damage is caused and will aid in a faster recovery. Also, many doctors, after the initial examination and back pain treatment will provide the pain sufferer with printed material. Generally, this printed material clearly explains how the exercises are to be conducted along with the use of helpful pictures.

Additionally, when performing these back pain relief exercises it is important to follow key instructions. Those instructions include the importance of not overdoing the exercise regimen, performing the exercises slowly and deliberately to avoid further damage, utilize a safe environment and wear the proper clothes that will facilitate movement and keep the body warm.

Stretching Back Pain Relief Exercise

There are many back pain relief exercises that can be incorporated into an individual’s back pain therapy plan. Most of those back pain relief exercises are designed to not only strengthen the back muscles, but stretch the back muscles as well.

For example one such back pain stretching exercise is the knee to chest stretch. This is accomplished by lying on one’s back and keeping the knees bent and the heels of the feet in contact with the floor. Once this initial starting point has been accomplished then the individual simply places both of their hands behind either one of the knees and brings that knee upwards towards the chest. This is held for a certain amount of time and then the knee is released to the starting position. Following this first action then the other knee is moved towards the chest in repeated fashion.

One other fairly easy back pain relief exercise that can be accomplished is the simple bending of the upper torso towards the feet. When conducting this exercise it is important to go slowly and not to aggravate any injury that the individual may have experienced. Once the individual has leaned forward as far as possible then they simply return to the upright position. This action is repeated a number of times based on the recommendation of the doctor or the material that was given.

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