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Lower Back Pain Cause: Will Science Deliver In The Future What It Has Not Been Able To Until Now?

Experiencing back pain is something that almost all of us have experienced at least once in our lifetimes and doctors too avow that this is a condition for which a great many of their patients request suitable treatment. Lower back pain is not pleasant and in some instances it can totally immobilize anyone no matter how strong they physically are. The best bet as far as overcoming lower back pain is to identify and treat the main lower back pain cause.

Not Real Explanations

The sad truth in regard to identifying the exact lower back pain cause is that science has till date not been able to positively explain what really the main lower back pain cause is. In any case, lower back pain is known to affect your lumbar spinal area and when it occurs it causes a lot of pain and in addition it means having to incur a lot of expenses in getting the problem treated.

Without understands the lower back pain cause it would be hard to figure out the best back pain treatment and this in turn means that disabilities on the job will lead to higher instances of absenteeism at work. However, a major lower back pain cause about which there is not much doubt is when a person has to carry an extra amount of weight which can cause strains and injuries to that region of the body. And, in addition a person that is overweight too will be more prone to suffering from lower back pain.

There are of course three main lower back pain causes that have been identified and which include improper mobility in the hip region; core stability that is poor and also the wrong technique of doing weight training.

In today’s society, we tend to do a lot of sitting and this in turn leads to the freezing up of our joints leading to immobility in vital areas of the body including the ankle which when it is rather immobile will cause the body to look for added mobility in the knees. This is not good for you because extra load on the knees affects the lumbar spine where the possibility of developing lower back pain is the greatest.

If your body does not have proper core stability your body’s foundation when it weakens will result in weakening of the muscles in the lower back and consequently makes you prone to developing lower back pain.

The wrong weight training techniques can cause you to injure different joints in your body and the lower back is an area that is most liable to suffer as a consequence.

Fortunately, there is more than one lower back pain remedy available that can at least alleviate some of the main, if not entirely eliminate the symptoms and the pain. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is one such remedy that is worth taking a closer look at.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Back Pain Stretching Exercise

Back pain can be an excruciating symptom of damage that has been incurred by the back muscles, tendons or ligaments. Some of that damage maybe due to improper lifting of heavy objects, not warming up the muscles before exercising, trauma associated with a traffic accident, etc.

In addition, as part of the therapy and treatment for back pain, there are a number of options available to the sufferer. Some of back pain treatment options available include the participation in a prescription medication program and involvement in back pain stretching exercises.

Prescription Medication Program

Due to the location of the back muscles and the fact that the muscles are an integral part of the body’s movement, the treatment of choice for back pain can be the use of pain prescription medication. Some of those medications that can be prescribed by a licensed physician can include muscle relaxants. Some of those muscle relaxants can be drugs such as Robaxin, Valium, Parafon Forte, etc.

The specific work of these medications are to relax the muscles which in turn allow for healing and decrease the intensity of the pain that the individual is suffering from.

In addition, it is important to note that when taking these types of prescriptions that the patient abstains from alcohol and driving any type of heavy machinery. This is because the effects of taking muscle relaxants causes the individual to become very drowsy.

Performing Back Pain Stretching Exercises

In addition to taking medication or in lieu of taking medication, many physicians prescribe a treatment program that includes the use of back pain stretching exercises. That is because back pain stretching exercises help to facilitate the healing process of the injured muscles, tendons and ligaments in the back as well as strengthening these anatomical areas.

Therefore, if considering a regimen of back pain stretching exercises it is important to know what exercises can be prescribed and how to conduct those exercises. In addition, it is important to follow the doctor's orders in regards to undertaking a back pain exercise program. This is important as the individual does not want to cause further damage to the affected area.

Some of the back pain stretching exercises can include the simple exercise known as back stretches. This particular exercise is very beneficial especially when the individual is just leaving their bed for the first time in the morning. One specific backstretch exercise that can be conducted, according to the individual’s particular needs and possible pain being experienced, is to bend from the waist forward towards the floor. Once this has been accomplished then the individual returns their upper body to its upright position. This can be done a number of times. This particular exercise will stretch the back muscles as well as help to strengthen this particular area.

Another exercise that can be done is for the individual to lie on their back and bend their knees so that the heels of their feet are on the floor. Once his position as been accomplished then simply grab one of the knees with both hands and bring the knee forward to the chest. Once this action has been taken, then alternate with the other knee using the same process.


Causes Of Chronic Back Muscle Pain

Chronic back muscle pain is pain in the back that occurs often and almost always at the same area. The pain felt by people in this condition is usually a dull throbbing or ache in the affected area which can turn in to a sharp pain if left unmanaged. There are several causes of chronic back muscle pain.

What Contributes To Chronic Back Muscle Pain

Causes of chronic back muscle pain are varied but mainly focus on how a person uses the muscle sin his back. Frequent stress on the muscles in the back can cause a lot of pain and ache on the muscles and tissues there. Stress can come in the form of the work that one does which may have some movement that stresses the muscles at the back. Examples of work that can eventually lead to chronic back muscle pain are delivery work and hauling, work where bending and twisting is frequent, work where the position is often the same (like standing or sitting) and work where the upper body is often used.

There are also other causes of chronic back muscle pain which are not work related. A person's posture and shoes have a load of contribution to chronic back muscle pain. Constant wearing of high heels, whether walking or standing can cause stress on the muscles of the back. The way a person carries himself can also contribute to this condition. A slouched person will experience back pain frequently due to the stress that his posture adds to his body.

Relief For Chronic Back Muscle Pain

Chronic back pain management is often the treatment that doctors recommend for those who have no way of getting out of what causes of back pain. In cases, like these, medication and drugs are the best chances that a person will have to manage the chronic back muscle pain. These medications and drugs are prescribed by doctors to help ease the discomfort often felt by those who suffer from this chronic pain.

For those who do not wish to use medications and drugs for chronic back muscle pain treatment of relief, alternative medicine therapies abound. Acupuncture and acupressure are just two of the most common alternative medicine therapies that can be applied to chronic back muscle pain. Massage is also another alternative to the two therapies as well as ointments, creams and medicated rubs that can bring relief to the discomfort of back pain.


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