Monday, June 8, 2009

Back Pain Stretching Exercise

Back pain can be an excruciating symptom of damage that has been incurred by the back muscles, tendons or ligaments. Some of that damage maybe due to improper lifting of heavy objects, not warming up the muscles before exercising, trauma associated with a traffic accident, etc.

In addition, as part of the therapy and treatment for back pain, there are a number of options available to the sufferer. Some of back pain treatment options available include the participation in a prescription medication program and involvement in back pain stretching exercises.

Prescription Medication Program

Due to the location of the back muscles and the fact that the muscles are an integral part of the body’s movement, the treatment of choice for back pain can be the use of pain prescription medication. Some of those medications that can be prescribed by a licensed physician can include muscle relaxants. Some of those muscle relaxants can be drugs such as Robaxin, Valium, Parafon Forte, etc.

The specific work of these medications are to relax the muscles which in turn allow for healing and decrease the intensity of the pain that the individual is suffering from.

In addition, it is important to note that when taking these types of prescriptions that the patient abstains from alcohol and driving any type of heavy machinery. This is because the effects of taking muscle relaxants causes the individual to become very drowsy.

Performing Back Pain Stretching Exercises

In addition to taking medication or in lieu of taking medication, many physicians prescribe a treatment program that includes the use of back pain stretching exercises. That is because back pain stretching exercises help to facilitate the healing process of the injured muscles, tendons and ligaments in the back as well as strengthening these anatomical areas.

Therefore, if considering a regimen of back pain stretching exercises it is important to know what exercises can be prescribed and how to conduct those exercises. In addition, it is important to follow the doctor's orders in regards to undertaking a back pain exercise program. This is important as the individual does not want to cause further damage to the affected area.

Some of the back pain stretching exercises can include the simple exercise known as back stretches. This particular exercise is very beneficial especially when the individual is just leaving their bed for the first time in the morning. One specific backstretch exercise that can be conducted, according to the individual’s particular needs and possible pain being experienced, is to bend from the waist forward towards the floor. Once this has been accomplished then the individual returns their upper body to its upright position. This can be done a number of times. This particular exercise will stretch the back muscles as well as help to strengthen this particular area.

Another exercise that can be done is for the individual to lie on their back and bend their knees so that the heels of their feet are on the floor. Once his position as been accomplished then simply grab one of the knees with both hands and bring the knee forward to the chest. Once this action has been taken, then alternate with the other knee using the same process.


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