Friday, June 5, 2009

Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Back pain one of the most common complaints during pregnancy, and affects more than 50% of the pregnant women. During pregnancy, back pain is caused due to change in body’s contours. As the baby grows, there is an additional weight to be carried by the mother. This extra weight changes the center of gravity of the body, and major hormonal changes during early stages of pregnancy can also cause back pain. In some cases, the urinary tract infection may also cause pain in the back.

Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid the medication without doctor’s advice. Exercising is the best way to get relief from back pain relief during pregnancy, and simple walking for half an hour each day is the best choice. Try to avoid rigorous exercise or aggressive walking.

Maintaining a good posture can be quite helpful to get back neck pain relief and back pain relief during pregnancy. Pregnant women should also avoid standing for long hours as this can cause back pain, or make it worse. Avoid wearing high heel shoes as it will put a lot of strain on your back, and it can be quite dangerous as well. Sit on the flat stool, and avoid kitchen work for long periods of time.

Use imaginative clothing to get back pain relief during pregnancy, and avoid wearing tight clothes. Avoid slumping, as it pushes the rib cage on the stomach. When standing, maintain the posture that does not put the stress on your back, and keep the knees soft. Some great tips to get back pain relief during pregnancy can be obtained from experienced friends and relatives.

There are certain exercises that must be done to get back pain relief during pregnancy. Pelvic tilts require arching the body inward and outward, and can be done lying on back or standing. Back stretch, hamstring stretch and wall-posture stretch can be helpful during pregnancy to get rid of back pain.

In case of severe back pain, women can use the maternity support belt, which is a specially designed curved lumbar pad that helps to improve the body postures, and gives back pain relief during pregnancy.

Back pain can be worse if the baby is large or in case of multiples. Sometimes, the back pain just comes and goes, but for some ladies, it stays for days or weeks. It may appear during the first trimester, and continue even after the delivery. It is not easy to get back pain relief during pregnancy, but strengthening and flexibility exercise can be of great help. But before trying any new medication or exercise, talk to your doctor.


  1. best way to avoid back pain :

    dont stand for too long
    dont bend forward too frequently
    dont lift anything heavy
    consult the doctor he/she will tell some exercises you can do in pregnancy.
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