Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chronic Back Pain Cause

Back pain is a common problem for adults in the United States, with the majority of the cases resolving within one to two months. However, the last ten percent will suffer from a chronic condition that may be difficult to diagnose and treat. In addition to living with daily discomfort, patients with chronic back muscle pain have to deal with the fact that finding an effective back pain treatment program is easier said than done. The first step is often to try to determine a chronic back pain cause, which may provide a clue as to which treatment options might hold the greatest promise. There are a number of tests that doctors can use to pinpoint a chronic back pain cause, and one or more of them may be employed, depending on a patient's precise complaints and history.


This diagnostic tool is by far the most common one used to determine a chronic back pain cause. An x-ray can provide plenty of information about the spine itself, although it may not be able to pick up on pain centered in the muscles and tissue surrounding the spine. In many cases, an x-ray can be taken right at the doctor's office, allowing many patients to have this test done quickly an inexpensively.

CAT Scan

A CAT scan, which is short for computed axial tomography, uses a series of pictures to create a three-dimensional look at bones and soft tissue. This test can be used to detect a host of possibilities in a chronic back pain cause, but the test is expensive since it requires specialized equipment to complete. If a doctor cannot find a reason for the pain through an x-ray, he may order a CAT scan for a more in depth look at potential causes.


MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging, and this diagnostic tool can be used for many purposes including finding a chronic back pain cause. An MRI will provide the best detail of the spine, allowing the doctor to check for spinal problems that might not be visible through the above testing procedures. Again, the testing is expensive, which is why doctors will not order it for every patient suffering from chronic pain in this area.

Bone Scan

If a doctor suspects that a chronic back pain cause might have to do with a tumor or infection, he might order a bone scan as well. This test will measure the amount of bone turnover that is taking place, with higher numbers signifying a possible problem. This test is usually done after the above testing has taken place, to pinpoint a diagnosis that has not shown up definitively in the other procedures.

Finding a chronic back pain cause can be a challenging prospect for a doctor, but there are a number of good diagnostic tools at his disposal. Through these high-tech tests, often a chronic back pain cause can be found so that a targeted treatment plan can be created for best results.


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