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Chronic Back Pain Management : Alternatives To Drugs In

Chronic back pain is a condition where the individual feels a throbbing or aching feeling in the vicinity of his back. This condition can occur in the upper or lower back, although, the more common area is the lower back. Chronic back pain management is based on what causes the condition in a specific individual. It is important to know chronic back pain management in order to escape or reduce the risk of permanently damaging the back or increasing the degree of pain of the condition.

Medication derived from chemical compositions or drugs are the most common treatment that doctors recommend for those who wish for chronic back pain management. Chronic back pain medications often have serious side effects which can damage vital organs as well as eventually lose their effect on the pain they are targeting. These are the reasons why people seeking chronic back pain management alternatives opt for natural ways to treat and manage their back pain.


There are not only alternative medicine therapies that can be used for chronic back pain management but also some physical therapy which is based on traditional medicine. Alternative forms of chronic back pain management are acupuncture and massage therapies. On the other hand, traditional medicine also offers physical therapy as a form of chronic back pain management. All three therapies focus on manually reaching points in an individual's body to offer relief and treatment for chronic back pain.

Other Alternatives

Along with any form of therapy, those who wish for chronic back pain management alternatives to drugs can seek relief in aromatherapy, herbal essences as well as teas and infusions. Aromatherapy works to ease the feelings and overall demeanor of a person while herbal essences are often applied directly on the affected area. Many herbs have healing properties quite similar to traditional medicine and drugs. Chronic back pain management is quite easy when using ointments, cream, rubs and other applications.

Infusions and teas are also used as a form of medicine wherein the medicinal properties of the herb or botanical is taken in by the person through drinking or ingesting. There are many herbs and spices which can really have the same effect as traditional medicine without the dreaded side effects. These work well in chronic back pain management combined with the physical therapies and acupuncture stated above. Chronic back pain management is important in controlling the pain and easing the discomfort.


  1. A majority of chronic back pain patients opt for pain meications or surgery, under estimate the value of conservative treatment. While a good number of chronic back pain patients report relief from medication and or surgery, it is important for practitioners to be selective in their treatment choice based on the individual patient circumstances. Physical therapy, provided by well trained therapists, specifically designed on the bases of the pathology, tailored to the individaul complaint could help alleviate pain and restore function with enhanced quality of life.
    Dr. Diallo, PT,DPT

  2. Back pain can be extremely painful and result in severe complications if not treated soon. It is thus advisable to visit a back pain doctor in NJ for treatment of back pain issues.


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