Monday, June 1, 2009

A Guide To Massage for Back Pain Relief

There are many types of massages available that can help relieve the back and neck pain. Some of the most commonly used massage techniques are Swedish massage, shiatsu and deep tissue massage. There is no evidence that any one kind of massage is better than the other, so it is mainly a matter of personal choice and convenience.

Latest researches indicate that back pain has become more prevalent in men and women of all age groups due to sedentary lifestyles at home and work. As children spend more time playing games or watching television instead of playing outdoors, back pain in children has become a growing problem.

Types of Massages for Back Pain Relief

Each massage uses a different technique, the one that suits you best can only be found out by trial and error. It is recommended to get the massage for back pain relief from the massage therapist.

In Swedish massage, the therapist uses smooth long strokes, circular movements and kneading on the superficial muscle layer using oil or massage lotion. This massage is very relaxing and gentle. Aromatherapy massage for back pain relief uses various scented plant oils to address specific needs. The massage therapist selects these essential oils that are energizing, relaxing, balancing and stress-reducing. This massage is mainly used for stress-related conditions, with emotional component attached to it.

Massage for back pain relief can be done using the whole hand with smooth rhythmic strokes, and whole surface of both hands are used firmly upwards starting at the lower back, till neck, and ending with the circle around shoulders. For smaller areas, put deep pressure and use both hands to work in circles. The pressure of thumb can be used on either side of the spine, gliding from lower back till neck. It should be done three times on each side. The pressure on the back can also be applied with the arms, moving them upwards.

Massage for back pain relief must be done in a quiet, warm and relaxed environment, on a comfortable surface such as floor mat, massage table or firm bed. A good massage oil must be used so that the friction is reduced, but don’t use too much oil as it will reduce the intensity of pressure.

While giving massage for chronic back pain relief, make sure that the patient is comfortable in lower back, shoulders and neck. Pregnant women can lie on their side. Cover body parts that are not being worked with the warm towel. Don’t apply the oil that is too hot or too cold. Once the massage is started, the hands should always be in touch with the person’s body to avoid any surprises. Avoid putting too much pressure on the bony processes.

Massage for back pain relief should be done in a way that relaxes the tight muscles and improves the blood circulation.

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