Monday, June 8, 2009

Causes Of Chronic Back Muscle Pain

Chronic back muscle pain is pain in the back that occurs often and almost always at the same area. The pain felt by people in this condition is usually a dull throbbing or ache in the affected area which can turn in to a sharp pain if left unmanaged. There are several causes of chronic back muscle pain.

What Contributes To Chronic Back Muscle Pain

Causes of chronic back muscle pain are varied but mainly focus on how a person uses the muscle sin his back. Frequent stress on the muscles in the back can cause a lot of pain and ache on the muscles and tissues there. Stress can come in the form of the work that one does which may have some movement that stresses the muscles at the back. Examples of work that can eventually lead to chronic back muscle pain are delivery work and hauling, work where bending and twisting is frequent, work where the position is often the same (like standing or sitting) and work where the upper body is often used.

There are also other causes of chronic back muscle pain which are not work related. A person's posture and shoes have a load of contribution to chronic back muscle pain. Constant wearing of high heels, whether walking or standing can cause stress on the muscles of the back. The way a person carries himself can also contribute to this condition. A slouched person will experience back pain frequently due to the stress that his posture adds to his body.

Relief For Chronic Back Muscle Pain

Chronic back pain management is often the treatment that doctors recommend for those who have no way of getting out of what causes of back pain. In cases, like these, medication and drugs are the best chances that a person will have to manage the chronic back muscle pain. These medications and drugs are prescribed by doctors to help ease the discomfort often felt by those who suffer from this chronic pain.

For those who do not wish to use medications and drugs for chronic back muscle pain treatment of relief, alternative medicine therapies abound. Acupuncture and acupressure are just two of the most common alternative medicine therapies that can be applied to chronic back muscle pain. Massage is also another alternative to the two therapies as well as ointments, creams and medicated rubs that can bring relief to the discomfort of back pain.


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