Friday, May 8, 2009

Lower Back Pain Treatment with Two Step

Almost every single person will experience back pain at some point or another in their lives. Over half will experience it at least twice, and the chances that it will recur increase with each episode. Unfortunately, there really isn't any definite back pain treatment available to take care of the problem in any substantive manner.

Treatments do exist to help you cope with the pain, but the vast majority of improvement comes from your body's ability to adapt and heal. However, lower back pain treatment can allow you to return to work, school, or whatever life you lead faster and with greatly reduced pain, if any at all.

Two Tenets

Any lower back pain treatment regimen will most likely consist of a two pronged defense. Firstly, you need to do some physical work to get your back stronger. Walking is a fantastic way to strengthen your back, and as little as half an hour of dedicated walking a day can yield fantastic results. Of course, lower back pain treatment wouldn't be complete without stretching.

Stretching complements exercise and helps you to further strengthen your back muscles. In addition, stretching increases your flexibility, while other exercise improves your cardiovascular system and gives you more energy. There's absolutely no downside to this, and you should be working out even if you don't have back pain.

Now if you suffer from a chronic condition (lasting three or more months), then chronic back pain treatment is what you'll want to be looking at and discussing with your doctor. More likely than not, you won't need to see a chiropractor, and odds are heavily tilted against needing surgery. Although it may seem like it won't go away, most chronic pain does with time and moderate exercise. Of course, to get you through the pain, you'll want to be taking medicine to help deal with it.

Ibuprofen is effective in short term relief of pain, but you should ask your doctor about taking it for extended periods because of some of the risks that it poses (intestinal bleeding, for example). Lower back pain treatment works by both improving your body and relieving the pain at the same time.

However, lower back pain treatment doesn't stop when the pain does. While you won't continue to take medicine to relieve the pain, you should continue exercising and stretching your muscles to ward against more back pain in the future. After all, each episode increases the chance that you'll experience more back pain in the future, and you'll want to take all available measures to make sure that doens't happen.

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