Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lower Back Pain That Affects Millions Of Americans

Lower back pain affects a good many Americans and each year the numbers of such affected souls continue to rise. The most obvious reason why a person will suffer from lower back pain is that they have injured their lower back on account of performing some task such as lifting a heavy object or because they were involved in a serious accident that led to hurting their lower back. In a few instances, overexertion too has been known to cause lower back pain.

Consult A Doctor

In some cases, lower back pain is caused because the body decides (for no apparent reason) that it cannot continue working properly. Whenever a person experiences lower back pain it is recommended that they do not hesitate in consulting a medical professional, especially if you suspect that your condition is fibromyalgia syndrome or osteoporosis or menopause or even more worryingly, is arthritis.

The older a person gets the weaker their muscles and bones become leading to weakening of discs in the skeletal system and loss of flexibility as well as fluidity – all of which will make the body weaker in being able to recuperate from even the most minor kinds of pain. While lifting an object you might even accidentally cause muscular spasm which in turn can cause a disc to rupture and even cause a herniated disc.

The most common reason for lower back pain is compression as well as shifting of the nerves. And, just like a normal piece of machinery will over time wear out so too the body over time will begin to show signs of wear and tear and will then require proper maintenance to prevent ailments such as lower back pain. Being excessively overweight will put added stress and pressure on your back and this in turn means that chances of experiencing lower back pain are increased.

Bed rest is not the best solution in so far as treating lower back pain goes. Though bed rest can alleviate the condition it is also necessary that the affected person and body part is exercised (even in small doses) to ensure that the back does not stiffen up. Yoga in particular has been found to be useful in keeping the muscles in good condition.

Though it is not so common, yet many people suffer from lower left back pain. One of the reasons why this particular kind of lower back pain is felt is on account of a malfunctioning kidney.

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