Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lower The Boom On Lower Back Muscle Pain

One of the most excruciating conditions than a person can experience is lower back muscle pain. This extreme discomfort is due to the fact that when the muscles of the lower back are weak or have been traumatized or have been strained their effectiveness in supporting the upper part of the body is compromised.

Therefore, because the lower back supports so much of the upper body's movements, any time an individual tries to carry on normal activity they are painfully aware of lower back muscle pain. Usually, this lower back muscle pain is characterized by a dull, deep aching or burning pain.

Therefore, it is important to know how to prevent lower back muscle pain.

How To Avoid Lower Back Muscle Pain

It is often been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure. Therefore it’s important to know how to prevent lower back muscle pain from occurring.

Specifically, one of the best ways to prevent lower back muscle pain and upper back pain is to exercise this part of the muscular system on a regular basis. This can be done in a number of ways. One of the best ways of increasing the strength of this area is through exercise. This can be accomplished by performing simple calisthenics or by being involved in weight lifting program that incorporates lower back strengthening exercises.

In addition, there are many ligaments and tendons that are part of the muscular and skeletal system. Therefore, it is important that these particular parts of the body are kept strong as well. To accomplish this it is also important to incorporate good stretching exercises as well as eating the proper nutrients.

One such stretching exercise that can be utilized is a simple bending forward of the upper body when one first awakes in the morning. This stretching exercise is accomplished by bending the upper body forward towards the floor and then returning the body to its upright position.

When it comes to strengthening and maintaining the health of ligaments and tendons through nutrition, the nutrient that effectively accomplishes this goal is the eating of glucosamine. Additionally, glucosamine can be found in such food products as raw parsley, spinach and also can be taken in supplement form.

One other important and effective way to avoid lower back muscle pain as much as possible is through the use of proper lifting techniques. Therefore, it is critical to know that when lifting heavy objects the back should not be used but kept straight and the lifting power is to be provided by the upper legs.

Finally, one other effective way of reducing or minimizing lower back muscle pain is by maintaining one’s proper weight. Often a weight gain that is not healthy in proportion to an individual’s age or height can put a dramatic amount of pressure on the individual’s lower back.

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