Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pinpointing an Upper Back Pain Cause

Upper back pain is an uncomfortable condition that affects many Americans today. There are a number of back pain treatment options available, and many find that a combination of these treatments is the most effective path to success. However, it can be helpful to pinpoint an upper back pain cause before beginning treatment, since the choice of remedies may fluctuate slightly depending on the reason that the pain is occurring.

For example, injuries may require some rest and ice therapy, while poor posture may best be remedied through exercises to strengthen back muscles and improve posture overall. There are a number of possibilities in an upper back pain cause and just as many treatments to take care of the problem.


A common upper back pain cause is injury to the area, which might be the result of improper lifting, sudden twisting or an accident, such as a car crash. This may be particularly true if the individual is experiencing upper right back pain or pain that is limited to the left side of the back.

The best treatment might begin with a course of ice packs placed on the area for twenty minutes at a time, every four hours. After a day or two, moist heat can be used to relax the muscles and provide additional pain relief. When this therapy is combined with an over the counter medication, back pain can often be relieved until the injury heals completely.

Poor Posture

Slouching or poor posture is another common upper back pain cause that can often be effectively treated through exercises to strengthen the muscles and help the individual stand and sit straighter. A chiropractor, physical therapist or personal trainer might be the best person to help an individual develop a workout program for this purpose.

When the upper back pain cause is posture, it may take a bit longer to see relief from the symptoms. However, an ongoing workout program will probably bring long term relief as long as the exercise continues. A person can also seek alternative treatment options like massage, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments that will bring relief until the muscles are strong enough to go it alone.

Desk Jobs

If you sit in front of a computer for most of your waking hours, your upper back pain cause may be directly related to your line of work. Stretching exercises during the day can help relieve this type of upper back pain, by working out stiff muscles and providing them with much needed rest periodically. Ergonomic office furniture can also help relieve this upper back pain cause.

By pinpointing an upper back pain cause, an individual is better equipped to seek treatment for their specific need. If your back is hurting, talk to your doctor about a possible upper back pain cause and your options for treating the discomfort.

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